madison square eats.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

madison square eats

i would liken madison square eats to smorgasburg packed into one city block plus the pleasantries of an umbrella and an actual place to sit. the shindig gets going at 11am and asia dog had already sold out of veggie dogs by the time we arrived for lunch. whaaaat? apparently i'm not the only vegetarian in nyc with a hankering for a "hot dog." 

madison square eats

i decided on pizza from roberta's and a shared snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich instead. the whole scene gets ridiculous on the weekend and may i highly suggest taking your food across the street to madison square park instead.

madison square eats
madison square eats
madison square eats

served up 11am-9pm and ends this friday may 31st. 


Christy@SweetandSavoring said...

Thank you for these wonderful city glimpses. Cannot wait to visit soon!

Belinda said...

oooh yep, i stumbled across this little food market last autumn when i was visiting new york.. i had some ridiculously wonderful tacos.
..and i dig those marimekko umbrellas!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I'm drooling–time for an early lunch (maybe a veggie dog?)!

J and H from Beyond The Stoop said...

I tried to go to this on a Friday that my dad was in town a couple of weeks ago, and it was not going on!! !?!?!? jealous that you went!

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