the butcher's daughter.

Monday, May 20, 2013

the butcher's daughter nyc

the butcher's daughter is a vegetarian cafe and juice bar in nolita serving up the most amazing smoothies and creative juice combinations. it's one of those places that's ALWAYS filled with ridiculously good looking people. u know those places, right? people you assume must be models or actors, but no, they just look that good for absolutely no reason at all. also, clever name.

the butcher's daughter nyc

the mostly vegan menu includes avocado toast bites, lentil soup, and kale chips. though i have to say their strong point is the drink menu. have you tried cashew milk? because you must try a cup of coffee with cashew milk.

the butcher's daughter nyc

no one likes the health nut in the group so i try to rein it in during social situations. but hey, i like a good juice shot and cashew milk gets me excited. what are ya gonna do?

photos by daniel krieger.


Jen G said...

Those stools by the window are amazing!

Rebeka said...

Ahh I need to go here. This place looks totally amazing.

Also, I agree, no one likes the health nut in the group, that's why I try and only unleash when alone :)

marni zarr said...

so inviting! i love cashews so i'm sure the milk is dreamy. :)

bethan said...

this place just looks cool, I can just imagine it full of people who are really good looking - although I will let it go because the food sounds great!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

It must be the magic juice...

Anonymous said...

Almost wished I lived in N.Y.C to go to this place !
HAVE to find some cashew milk ...

P.S: you mean "rein it", right, love your blog still ;)


rebecca said...

ha! yes. not reign as in royalty! :)

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