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Friday, May 24, 2013

malibu beach

17 perfectly sized sun hats
classic rain coat that hardly looks as such
muesli is essentially uncooked granola and i'm just now figuring this out
went through my closet and weeded out items i haven't worn in a year
i daresay it has given me a completely new perspective
strawberry picking season starts in june
enjoy the looooong weekend!
another cup of coffee...


oneawkwardyear said...

I always thought museli was just an extra-fancy word for granola, I never knew there was a difference! Learning something new every day. Happy Weekend! - Liz

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Also shocked by this museli development. Horray for clean closets and long weekends!

Erin said...

Love the beach picture! We have a free day in LA next week before my cousin's wedding, and are trying to decide where to spend it. Last night I was looking through the NYT 36 hour articles for the L.A. area, and realized that must have been how you planned your trip, too. :)

Have a good weekend!

shoegirl said...

Ha ha! Germans are crazy about their muesli over here. It's practically like a religion.

I wish I had the stomach to toss out all the things I haven't worn in a year. I get so attached and always assume I will regret getting rid of it later (which I only sometimes do). I'm gonna give my closet another pass at spring cleaning and try to be more harsh. Thanks for the kick in the pants on that one!

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