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Thursday, June 6, 2013

how to stop junk mail

we receive a ridiculous amount of junk mail and magazines (who doesn't?) on a daily basis, and it truly pains me to throw it out. obviously things get tossed in the recycle, but it never even had to be recycled in the first place. keep it to yourself!

here's a few things you can do:
1. in most cases, when stores ask you for your address (or email), there's absolutely no reason they need that information. no thanks is a perfect answer.

2. register with the direct marketing association to remove your address from their list. note that removal is only valid for 5 years and don't forget to register all members in your household.

3. you can stop credit card offers by making one phone call. call 1-888-567-8688 and follow the automated instructions to permanently remove your address from their lists. again, don't forget to do it for all (adult) members in your household.

you can find more tips from the EPA here. thanks for the tip ashley!

photo by elizabeth weinberg.


Megan said...

THANK YOU for this-- I have juuust reached my limit with all the junk mail! To make it worse, all these companies think that my husband's mother and my father also live with us... no. I'm going through all these steps as soon as I get home tonight!

Briana Terry said...

The amount of junk mail we started receiving after buying baby stuff before our kid was born was OVERWHELMING! I used to unsubscribe to the zillion kid company catalogs (some of which I'd never even heard of!) and, for the most part, it has worked. But the credit card offers just keep a'comin! I'll have to give that phone number a try.

Thanks for the tip!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

How genius! I just threw away what must have been three pounds of junk mail!

Melinda DiOrio said...

Thanks, I've done the direct marketing association one, but I get soooo many credit card offers. I tried to call that number you suggested though, and the first thing the automated message asks for is your social security number. I'm not comfortable giving that to a recording! I think another option would be to contact the credit card agencies directly?

rebecca said...

yes! that's another way to take care of it as well.

Mrs. B said...

LOVE THIS PHOTO. x 100000.

Just adorable.

Matthew Pike said...

this is pretty handy. i watched a programme on how to remove yourself from it all, it needs to be done.

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