xanax and bagel sandwiches.

Monday, June 10, 2013

zabar's eat cafe

my to-do list kept me on the upper east side this past week and zabar's e.a.t cafe hit the spot around lunch time. bagel sandwich + seltzer + cinnamon rugelach two days in a row. zabar's rugelach is not messing around.

the daily muse

keys to the new place! which kept me to-ing and fro-ing from old apartment to new this weekend while ed was out of town. i joked that he'd return home to an empty apartment and sadly that's not far from the truth. god bless the people who can casually move and act like they are enjoying the process. i can't fight the urge to stay up all night until every box is unpacked and the floor is so clean you could eat dinner off it. xanax would likely fix this problem. 

the daily muse

speaking of xanax, sam won't go near the windows at the new apartment. thankfully he has a playdate with his greyhound friend when the movers arrive so he'll be none the wiser. yay playdate!!! what???? we moved!?!?! 

fresh pesto

fresh pesto with basil from the farmer's market has worked it's way into almost every meal.

summer strawberries

same goes for fresh strawberries.

rosemary's nyc

dinner at rosemary's in the village has been a favorite for a while now and their rooftop garden is nearly in full swing. i can make a meal on the focaccia and fresh salad alone. 

the daily muse

nap it up wiggins... it's gonna be a busy week! and happy monday to you! lots of exclamation points and bagel sandwiches!!

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sheri said...

Best of luck on your move (and I'm the same - can't stand the boxes!)...can I surmise from the photos that you're no longer a brownstone girl?

rebecca said...

we made the switch!

J and H from Beyond The Stoop said...

I walked past rosemary's a few weeks ago when my parents were in town and I thought it looked SO cute! and to know that they have a rooftop garden!? high five to urban farming :)

Danielle E. Alvarez said...

Bagels, fresh pesto, market strawberries, and that restaurant? Would love to take a quick vacation in your life ;)

susan said...

haha yeah, xanax would help (I totally understand that urge)...hope mr. wiggins starts enjoying the view soon! ;)

in dreams said...

exclamation points!!! are the best!!! so is moving!!! (none of these things are true!!!)

srsly, though, i hope the move goes smoothly (as smooth as that delicious pesto you've got there?!), and that you end up having a less-stressful time than you'd thought. ALSO. i hope mr wiggins can adjust to the move/new windows ok...being a pup is tough, huh? :) good luck!

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Good luck with your move! I was wondering, what cleaning products do you use, especially for floors? I'm always looking for more natural/less chemical-y cleaning options so I thought you might be a good person to ask!

rebecca said...

method's wood floor cleaner is great.

inpursuitofsomethingnew said...

Congrats on the move! I wish I had windows like that at my place.

Greetings from Texas! said...

sleep tight sam wiggins!

Elizabeth Harwell said...

just looking at your comments... i invested in a steam mop before we left for wyoming and OH my. it's simply the best. a little sprinkle of orange essential oil and then a swipe over with steam kills all the germs, removes grime, and makes the house smell awesome. also, no chemicals! just water. :)

rebecca said...

like two peas in a pod.

E R I N said...

sam is the cutest with the window thing.

domestikate said...

I still can't get over the windows in your new place! And those strawberries look amazing!

Hope you are settling in well, moving is so stressful but so worth it!

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