coolhaus ice cream sandwiches.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck

the coolhaus truck has been parking closer to home than usual which means my downtown buffer zone has been squashed. over-size custom made ice cream sandwiches a few blocks away?! it's a slippery slope...

coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck

ice cream starts to drip down your arm the second you hand over six bucks and YES i said six dolla bills for an ice cream sandwich.

the daily muse

the coolhaus lady was on a well deserved lunch break when we arrived so we hung out in the park for a bit. within fifteen minutes a line had already formed while impatiently waiting for her return. these people are serious. 

tip: the impossibly cool park bench posture does a stellar job of airing out the armpits.

coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck
coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck

may i highly recommend the double chocolate chip cookie with dirty mint ice cream in the center. it's kind of like a ridiculously expensive levain cookie-- don't think about the calories or how much you paid for it and all is well with the world.

coolhaus ice cream sandwiches

ps: at your local whole foods too! jackpot.


pavones said...

This has nothing to do with ice cream- I just wanted to say the picture of you on the bench is absolutely beautiful! It looks like it could be a painting.

Bonjour! said...

,,,whole foods? serious? tomorrow can't come sooner,,,

marni zarr said...

this is my dream breakfast :)

SreeBindu said...

that's a jack pot buy! tasty and delicious when compared to the whole foods!

Barbara Smith said...

Oh man, those look dangerous! And I love your sandals, they look comfy for trotting around the city (and eating ice cream ;) where did you find them, and are they as comfy as they look?

...suddenly craving ice cream... Weird.

rebecca said...

thank you! two thumbs up for comfort. from rag and bone.

Jessie Ammons said...

hoooooh my goodness this looks good.

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