hamptons farmstand.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

hamptons farmstand

before heading back to the city last week we pulled into a driveway (watch the chickens!) and proceeded to buy most everything they were selling. not so much a farmers' market as it was... "hey, buy the things in my garden!"

and that we did. i tried to coax a chicken back with me-- she wasn't havin it.

hamptons farmstand

rooster man was NOT happy. kiddie pool upgrade may have done the trick.

hamptons farmstand

i refrained from the sunflowers. two plus hours in a hot backseat would not have been ideal. however, i did not refrain from the strawberry jam nor the blackberry.

hamptons farmstand
hamptons farmstand

not just any old chickens, hamptons chickens. hey, the eggs were fresh.


Joy said...

the photos here are fantastic and gorgeous. farmers' markets are still the best.

Rebeka said...

Farm stands are the absolute best. You know everything is fresh and sometimes there are even bonus chickens! How fun!

A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh, sunflowers–I haven't been able to stop buying them since they showed up at our local market!

Staci Cooper said...

i love the chickens just waltzing around!!

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