happy fourth.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

union square market

i hope that you are enjoying a day off, or at least a burger and watermelon at the end of your work day. ed and i plan to see despicable me 2 at the movie theater, and i have to wonder if we are the only adults excited to see it? likely.

union square market

the fridge is stocked with more fruit and corn (so much corn?!) than two people can possibly consume and i intend to consume most of it on the rooftop. i also have good intentions of making a strawberry icebox pie, though i will likely just eat the strawberries straight from the box instead.

heirloom tomatoes

if you can't get out of town, get on the roof! and if the roof fails, well, macy's fireworks look best on the tv screen anywho. enjoy!


bmore-crafty.com said...

I recently discovered your lovely blog and looked at some of the back catalog and had to comment simply to say that, ugh, yes, growing out a pixie is the worst thing and makes you feel terribly unattractive while you try to keep up with your half-mullet. Any time I consider chopping my hair off again, I recall the grow-out phase and request a bob instead. Happy 4th!

A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh corn and strawberries and summer–I adore you!

domestikated said...

We were so excited for Despicable Me 2 along with at least 3 of my friends so it seems you are not alone! Made me laugh a lot!

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