night walks.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

the daily muse

it's officially summer in the city and i'm starting to question the effectiveness of my all-natural deodorant. mr. wiggins is keeping cool by laying spread eagle in the mud at the dog run as opposed to socializing and a thorough belly wipe-down has become routine before stepping a paw into the house.

the daily muse

at around 6:30pm every night gary opens his saxophone case down on broadway and plays for spare change. depending on where he parks himself we are often serenaded during dinner which then leads to a round of name that tune. by eight or so the heat breaks and we head outside with sam wiggins for a night walk. 

the daily muse

oh we mosey around a few blocks while sam sniffs everything and everybody there is to be sniffed and sometimes there is a stop for ice cream. also, house slippers suffice.

pinkberry's summer flavor is cherry-- get on it. 


Jen G said...

Just want to "like" this post. Feels like summertime. May I add, what a good-looking little family you are.

Astrid said...

Love your hair! Night walks are so perfect, especially after a hot day when the air gets fresh and lovely-scented again...

Rebeka said...

This is so perfect - exactly how summer should be.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Love this–I'm dreaming of a sweet little pup for precisely this reason!

Holly said...

I loooove your dress. Also, I use the coconut oil deodorant concoction that overwhelms Pinterest and I have to say, it ain't bad.

curiouscovetous said...

Where is your dress from??

rebecca said...

thanks for the tip!

steven alan. last year, i think?

Jen said...

This stuff changed my life. Highly recommend.

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