ruschmeyer's in montauk.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ruschmeyer's in montauk

we spent some time at our friend's house in amagansett this weekend and word on the street was that ruschmeyer's is the place to be. i can't attest to the hotel part, but the restaurant proved for a fresh and perfectly delicious dinner. the seafood heavy menu is gushing with lobster this and lobster that-- i kid you not, lobster guacamole. ed ordered some sort of fish with summer vegetables and couscous and i went for the scallops with penne and peas. and dessert? s'mores in a cup. good lord, the s'mores in a cup.

ruschmeyer's in montauk
ruschmeyer's in montauk

the grounds at ruschmeyer's mimics a stay at summer camp as does the laid back vibe and gorgeous wood beams in the restaurant.

ruschmeyer's in montauk

after sitting in traffic on montauk highway for an eternity, we still managed to show up to dinner earlier than our reservation. thankfully i found a swing to waste some time.

ruschmeyer's in montauk

this teeny branch will hold me, yes?

ruschmeyer's in montauk

it's not a new york eats post without some photos of the food! but, well, i was hungry. 

ruschmeyer's in montauk

outdoor bar and hammock photo from ruschmeyer's website.


sadie said...

This post reminds me how much I would love a summer camp adventure!

Also, I love, love your sandals. Where did you get them?

rebecca said...

thanks! rag and bone.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Lobster guac and s'mores in a cup? I'm sold.

Melinda DiOrio said...

Ooo, looks great! I live in Brooklyn and frequent Long Beach in the summertime, but have never made it over to Montauk. Maybe it's about time I did!

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