the moon resides in my living room.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

flos glo-ball lamp

starting fresh with a new home has left me all the more picky as to what i bring into it. besides a lot of back and forth to the container store, well, i can't really make up my mind on anything. does a lamp go there? what kind? what height? wait, maybe we don't need a lamp at all. don't get me started on hanging art. making a decision turns into deciding not to make a decision at all, and oh hey our apartment is mostly empty.

i like it empty.

HOWEVER, the best new apartment purchase thus far is most certainly the moon. yes, the moon resides in my living room and he lets off the most perfect glow.

you can buy him here and here.


A Crimson Kiss said...

I LOVE that.

megan said...

Those decisions cripple me and as soon as I make them I am filled with doubt!

Holly said...

When I look at old photos of my apartment when we first moved in, I am shocked at how much it's changed since then! I wish I would ave not rushed to get settled, because I ended up making impulsive choices. So I say, take your time! Let the house speak to you (which sounds weird)

rebecca said...

nope, makes perfect sense. i agree.

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