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Friday, July 19, 2013

the daily muse

the whole mattress on the floor thing has been quite charming
but it's run its course
new bed comes next week!
a sophisticated fan to beat the summer heat
teamed up with erin for this farmers' markets across america series
speaking of mattresses, what do you figure the lifespan is?
we've had ours for, oh, a decade now
if eating tasti-d-lite every night is wrong, i don't wanna be right
not a shabby form of sun protection
AND, thoughts on the summer umbrella
yogurt and muesli...


A Crimson Kiss said...

I had an antique bed that would collapse every time you got in–so we had our mattress on the floor for MONTHS. Every time I'd have to get brave enough to put it back on the slats!

Heather Whiston said...

I always loved my mattress on the floor.. now I feel like it's too high up.. It was kind of nice rolling out of bed in the morning! (literally)

p.s. cute doggie!


Gaby said...

i kind of like having my mattress on the floor :)

Susan said...

mr. wiggins looks so happy in that sunshine!

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