beach house.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

hamptons beach house

i took a few photos of the beach house we stayed in several weeks ago and it was entirely as charming as you'd expect. and of course by charming i mostly mean that it smelled like my grandma's house and grandaddy longlegs were hanging out in the corners. what's the proper name for those bugs?

the daily muse

except for the few muffled conversations of families walking past the screen door, the house was surrounded by pure silence. 

hamptons beach house

squeaky screen doors that only need a dash of wd-40, but why bother? 

the daily muse
hamptons beach house
hamptons beach house
the daily muse

no sirens, no garbage trucks, no street sweepers. just me and the longlegs and the hamptons. as with any trip to the country, i am equally excited to escape the city as i am to return to it.


Daina Ankrum said...

That looks lovely! I have never spent time in the Hamptons, but am hoping to one day! Summer escapes from the city are always wonderful.

Sam | ashore said...

all these photos are of such quiet, simple moments - much how I imagine your weekend in the Hamptons. there's a lot of life in them, the kind that reveals itself when you have time to sit and wait for it. Thanks for sharing, Becca!

A Crimson Kiss said...

This looks heavenly.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What lovely photos!!!!

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