charleston, south carolina.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

spanish moss charleston, south carolina

our trip to charleston (kiawah island to be specific) went mostly like this...

beach. family. shrimp. grits. shrimp and grits. bike rides. spanish moss. okra. fried green tomatoes. so. many. peaches. fruit flies. watermelon. humidity. crab cakes. sunscreen. mosquitoes. nieces and nephews.

kiawah island, south carolina
charleston, south carolina

ed got stung by a jellyfish, not once, but THRICE. perhaps you heard his profanities from new york city? i wore this on the beach every day and if you make specific hand motions from a distance the resemblance to a NFL referee is uncanny.

charleston, south carolina

charleston laid on the charm nearly as thick as the humidity. may i suggest you read the rest of this post with a drawl for the full effect.

charleston city market
the daily muse

so many baust(s) in one place!

the daily muse

what do i eat for breakfast while away on vacation? the same thing i eat when not on vacation.

SNOB restaurant charleston, south carolina
charleston, south carolina
the daily muse

a family get together calls for an assembly line of french-toast toasting.

kiawah island, south carolina

honestly, i could give or take the beach. bike rides under the spanish moss were my favorite.

high cotton restaurant in charleston, south carolina

dinner at high cotton with live jazz and southern pecan pie.

kiawah island, south carolina

the whole gang stayed in a beach house on kiawah island, just a bike ride from the ocean. kiawah is known for their golf course and i can certainly vouch for it's gorgeousness. though i know nothing about it specifically except that we veered off the bike path and onto the course at some point. 

the daily muse
kiawah island, south carolina
charleston, south carolina
charleston, south carolina

a photo of us! how about that.

ps: a few good places to eat in charleston. some of which i tried for myself and some of which you so kindly recommended on instagram.


Robyn said...

Looks amazing

inpursuitofsomethingnew said...

Gorgeous photos :)

Ana de la Serna said...

lovely pictures.

nicole said...

Beautiful! CHS is at the very, very top of my list of places to visit. xo.

Daina Ankrum said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I love the picture of you two at the end of the post- pictures of Brian and I usually look like that as well; I am always laughing at him!

Jamie said...

Beautiful photos. I've always wanted to make my way to South Carolina. So different than up North. The photo of the two of you is just the cutest! And that red dress, I love it! Where is it from?

rebecca said...

thank you! ace and jig.

A Crimson Kiss said...

This looks like heaven. But I'd skip the jellyfish stings. Add it to the top of the list of reasons why bike rides beneath Spanish moss beat the beach.

Quyen Nguyen said...

How fun! I love Charleston. It is so quaint and beautiful. We also went for bike rides under the trees, but we lucked out and found a beach that you are able to bike on! It was amazing to bike on sand!

tytty said...

hi. i miss simple family trips.

love your red dress. may i ask where that's from.

rebecca said...

yes! ace and jig.

Laurie said...

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in North Carolina and the love to travel to Charleston, SC for vacation. They always rave about it. I can't wait to visit one day. Your pictures look great!

marissa (stylebook) said...

that last shot of you guys is a stunnah.

Rebeka said...

You are seriously the cutest. I love the last picture of you and Ed.

Your vacation sounds so relaxing and magical, even though I would have to disagree, beach > bike rides every day!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Gorgeous pics!!! Chaz is my 2nd home -- it's where I went to Uni.

Colleen Brynn said...

I like the sound of all that shrimp and dem crab cakes. Heck yes.

Alex said...

Isn't Charleston gorgeous?? But yes, that humidity is no joke. Lots of good eating to be done though!!

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