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Thursday, August 8, 2013

montauk lighthouse

my mind has been floating in outer space and when i sit down to write words for a post-- crickets. being able to articulate my thoughts, whether spoken or written, has never been a strong point. back when we were apartment searching i'd let ed do most of the talking while i sat back and asked a few questions. ed's an excellent negotiator and i don't know of anyone more well-spoken than the man i married. let the man speak! in the following weeks, i did what i'm good at... organized our move and subsequently properly "decorated" the new place. i use the word decorate loosely because choosing a rug and a lamp hardly makes me an interior designer. but you get my point. i made the place our home.

east hampton beach

it's a challenge to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and i think this skill develops as you get older. if anything, i consider it a strong point to know yourself well enough to handle situations appropriately. it's ok to say out loud-- i'll take charge! i'm good at this! and in the same regards, pass the torch to someone else when it's appropriate. of course the hard part is knowing when to do so.

east hampton home

 and with that, lots of photos!

east hampton beach

i swear it's ALWAYS frigid in the hamptons. yes, oh my gosh, STILL with the hamptons photos. 

east hampton beach
east hampton beach
east hampton
east hampton beach
east hampton beach
east hampton beach
east hampton beach

your turn.


in dreams said...

i've been really disappointed with my writing quality, lately. back in university (when i was reading a lot more i guess?), i was constantly writing poetry that i loved...and even if i never really showed it to anyone, it bugs me that a) i barely write now and b) what i DO write sucks, in comparison to the old stuff. not sure if that entirely relates to what you're talking about, but i guess i noticed a switch in me, too - where more and more, i'm the listener, and not the descriptor. maybe it's age? maybe it's just a natural progression? either way, i don't like it. i want my words back!

(and on a more related note, these photos are LOVELY. i haven't ever seen the hamptons look so inviting!)

JESSICA said...

Thanks for sharing this post. The key to good writing is doing it. Often. I think that your writing in this post is succinct, clear and conveys what you want it to. That's an excellent start. I agree with in dreams too that my writing has "slipped" in the past few years and whenever I even think about writing and look at the page, I am very intimidated. However, that is really all in your head. What you're really doing is comparing your words to others (even your own) which keeps you from opening up and writing freely. I also fail to remember that no written word is absolutely perfect, or it can at least always be improved depending on the writer. But the reader. Ah, the reader. Is slightly more open to receiving what you share with them. Just keep that all in mind :) Also, I LOVE the black and white dress in the photos. Great shots.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Never going to say no to Hamptons photos, or this kind of really beautiful honesty. John's been struggling a lot with this lately, and it's so nice to hear about it from a different perspective.

megan said...

Lovely photos, somehow they make me crave autumn?

I love this post and it totally resonates with me. I think we sometimes focus too much on our weaknesses rather than celebrating our strengths (or other's strengths). I love when you wrote 'let the man speak' because it is that acknowledgeable that it his strength (to be celebrated) and you have your own (to be celebrated). (and it was a joke, humour is a strength) We don't need to wallow in what we don't have or don't do well, let's shine in what we do do well.

Colleen Brynn said...

Just wonderful, these photos. The frigidness adds to the character and feeling you've captured.

Caroline said...

I agree with getting older means being more hones with one's self. Love this post and your photos.

nicnac said...

I'm new to your blog and saw a pin on Pintrest of one of your photos. I'm wondering if you sell prints of them anywhere?

rebecca said...

thanks for asking! feel free to send me an email.

shoegirl said...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately too as I've been working on my new blog. Putting into words who I am and what I've accomplished reminded me of the things I am good at, but sometimes forget when I am feeling uninspired or get down on myself. There are always things to be improved upon, but I agree that there's something really reaffirming in being able to say 'I am good at this!'.

Don't dwell on any concerns you have about your words. You clearly have some serious strength in photography, and showing is just as important as telling. Beautiful shots, as always!

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