summer on the high line.

Monday, August 12, 2013

high line nyc

photos of the high line!? shocker. between traveling, moving, and ed's new job i had this overwhelming feeling that i've completely missed the summery to-do's in nyc. summer in nyc is perfection.... until we move on to the next season and i say the exact same thing.

the daily muse
people's pops on the high line

i've yet to try the shaved ice at people's pops but the popsicles are tasty, i assure you. props to the guy who shaves down that hunk of ice. whew.

people's pops

the mass exodus to leave the city starts in august and i'm always surprised how empty it leaves this place. we're left with a break in the crowds, shorter lines for froyo, empty parking spots, and more space to stretch my arms during yoga class.

people's pops on the high line

yet somehow the high line is always equally as crowded, specifically on the weekends.

high line nyc
high line nyc

people's pops, blue bottle coffee, and l'arte del gelato all in one swoop. the high line food situation has come a long way.

blue bottle coffee on the high line
l'arte del gelato on the high line
high line nyc
high line nyc
high line nyc
high line nyc

after popsicle appetizers we rode to redfarm for pan-fried pork and veggie dumplings. for the love of fried rice, that place cannot be beat.

the daily muse

ed and i headed home just as the sun set over the hudson, my bike bag full of doughboy cookies to be eaten on the roof. i daresay we soaked up summer in nyc all in one evening.


Robyn said...

Fantastic! Summer feels like it is pretty much over here- schools go back this week and the sky is pretty grey. I feel I've made the most of it- but it is too short!

Alex said...

If you don't mind me asking - where is your bag from?

rebecca said...

linus bike bag! clips on to the bike rack.

Christina C said...

Great pictures, I love the high line even though it's super crowded every time I go. Btw, is that a Linus tote/pannier bag for your bike? How do you like it? Was thinking of getting something for my bike. Christina

rebecca said...

see above for bike bag source. i love it! so easy to take on and off.

Dee said...

oh my gosh. I really need to go back and visit.

A Crimson Kiss said...

That giant hunk of ice looks amazing, and you might just be the most gamine girl on the highline.

Valerie said...

This is so lovely! Can't wait to discover NY in September. I'll make sure to go for a walk on the high line :) xx

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

This post made me miss living in NYC soooo badly!

shoegirl said...

Gosh, I miss shaved ice! I can't believe that in Europe, land of no air conditioning, there is no shaved ice - or decent popsicles! My next trip to NYC, I am heading straight there. I must also chime in on the bag - adorable!

Myfanwy Hood said...

Great photos! Where are your sunglasses from? Love them :)

rebecca said...

thank you! kate spade, a few years ago.

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