Tuesday, September 3, 2013

bareburger nyc

between ed's temporary veganism and my constant search for the perfect veggie burger, we found ourselves at bareburger for a pre-labor-day-weekend-nyc-is-dead midweek lunch date. and though neither of us can vouch for an actual carnivorous burger, the black bean burger is one of the best i've had in the city. i'd say ed agreed but it's likely the second veggie burger he's ordered at a restaurant in his lifetime. that being said, he was a huge fan which must be saying something.

bareburger nyc

spicy pickles and sweet potato fries to go along with. thumbs up on both accounts. 

bareburger nyc

i remember mcdonald's burgers had those teeny chopped onions when i was a kid. bareburger's classic had the very same teeny chopped onions which brought me back to happy meals and the land before time figurines that came inside. little foot! 

bareburger nyc

if you try an actual meat filled burger, report back would ya?

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K said...

little foot. stop it! that just threw me back to childhood in a big big way.
also veggie burger noted - looks delish!
- kblaze said...

I recently had the black bean burger there, so good!

Merry Meri said...
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Merry Meri said...

I love all of the meat options at bareburger - the lamb, bison, beef etc are all deliciously flavorful. I tend to order whatever is "recommended" with the burger I'm ordering. Another great bare option: the lettuce wrap instead of a bun. They have perfected the use of the lettuce leaf and the meat/topping flavors really get to shine (plus I don't feel as guilty eating those tasty fries!)

in dreams said...

omigosh, the land before time! yes! awesome movie (still!). :)

and holy cow, black bean burger + sweet potato fries + spicy pickles sounds like HEAVEN right now. i'll have to stop by when i'm next in nyc...!

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

That's so funny, I actually went there for the first time last night! The beef burger gets a big thumbs up. So good. As were the fries and vanilla milkshake...clearly I am not vegan. Lol.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Y U M – I've been looking for a good veggie burger in SF!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Yuuuummy! I'm a veggie, so I would have loved that burger

Angelica Serna said...

I am obsessed with Bareburger. I haven't tried Shake Shack but...Bareburger is my go-to place for a satisfying (mostly guilt-free) burger and fries (with awesome sauces!) The meat options are all delectable (haven't had the veggie one) and I like to go crazy and make my own: avocado, grilled pineapple and mushrooms, a little hot sauce. Perfection in my mouth. Oh, and the fresh lemonade is to die for.

Letícia said...

This is all I needed!

I'm a burger lover, like I could eat burger every day of my life, happily!

Since I've switched to a gluten and dairy free, all organic diet it's been very hard to find a good burger!

Thanks for sharinf this with us!


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