coffee at irving farms.

Monday, September 23, 2013

irving farm coffee roasters

i've been a fan of irving farm since they opened a location on the upper west side, and i recently found out that our dear friend's coffee is now for sale from their farm in el salvador. how's that for knowing where your food came from?

irving farm coffee roasters

with several locations in the city and their roasting facility set on a farm in the hudson valley, irving farm focuses on sustainability and developing direct relationships with their coffee farmers. also, i could use a lesson in coffee farming because seriously, i had no idea. 

irving farm coffee roasters

try the talnamicait comes from good people.

ps: you know NOT to store your coffee in the freezer unless you're buying in bulk, right? hey, now you do.

photos via irving farm.


susan said...

Mmmm...I can almost smell it. Delicious.

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Just checked out their site-the stores look gorgeous! Can't wait to check out the UWS location. Hope they open one on the Upper East.

Jesse said...

oh i've been wanting a new coffee for awhile now. i've been mixing tjs organic french roast and some cafe bustello for the longest time.

Rebeka said...

I really love that first picture! I worked in a coffee shop on and off from the end of high school to the middle of law school and that picture totally brings back memories. I especially like that you can see the rings in the counter from the tamping. Also, yay for knowing where your coffee comes from.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Ooooh I will have to try their coffee, sounds awesome! Coffee is life for me haha!!!

Colleen Brynn said...

Yes, the beans are white before they are roasted, aren't they?

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