immunity probiotics.

Monday, September 9, 2013

immunity probiotics

with the germiest of germ season upon us it seems like a fitting occasion to bring up the probiotic discussion. i've briefly touched on the subject in terms of kefir and in the last year or so i've started taking probiotics in the pill form as well, specifically around cold/flu season.

a few things to know:

1. you can't take probiotics today and go lick the subway pole tomorrow. not that you should anyway, but my point is that immunity probiotics take a bit of patience. is there a particular month you always get sick? without fail, i'm taken out by a virus of sorts in october/november. and without fail, i remember to start my probiotics around labor day to stave off the bad guys. if i do get sick, the symptoms are usually less extreme and i recover much quicker than i would have without the probiotics throwing a party in my insides.

2. look for probiotics in the refrigerated vitamin section. they must stay cold! i don't recommend ordering probiotics on the internet because once they arrive to your house most of the live bacteria have already died. dead as a doornail, those guys.

3. that being said, i highly recommend the brand renew life ultimate flora. but seriously, don't order it from the internet.

4. there are a ton of probiotic foods on the market and there's no way to cover them all. i prefer kefir as well as his non-dairy juice friend, good belly. word to the wise, i have a hard time finding good belly anywhere but whole foods.

5. if you're the do it yourselfer, you can make kefir at home.

ps: prone to yeast infections? there's a probiotic for that too.

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Rebeka said...

I'm going to grab some ultimate flora at whole foods this week if they have it. Thanks for the suggestion. I already drink the good belly occasionally, but I always find myself running out of it. Yay happy stomach and stronger immune system.

Happenstance said...

This post is so timely! I was telling my husband that I need to find a good probiotic. Thanks Becca:)

Colleen Brynn said...

My mum was making kefir last year. It really grows a lot/fast!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I agree, I think probiotics are a must this time of year!

curiouscovetous said...

I am a big probiotic fan but can never decide why one brand is better than another...can you say why you recommend Renew? Thanks! :)

rebecca said...

good question! you should judge a probiotic based on how many billion bacteria per capsule, as well as how many (and what type) of bacteria strains. of course all of these factors depend on what you're treating, but renew life scores well on all accounts. i have no doubt that other brands work just as well but i've done a decent job of not getting sick while taking it over the past year or so. i figure that's all i need to know! hope that helps.

sumslay said...

Soooo, are all the items you mentioned available at Whole Foods? I ask as someone who had no idea there was a "refrigerated vitamin section." :\

rebecca said...

yes! i get them at whole foods. most health stores or vitamin shops should have a refrigerated section as well.

Emmeline said...

Thanks for the tips!

curiouscovetous said...

it does, thanks!

Mariana Xavier de Souza said...

I love the good belly juice. It tastes so good! I get mine at Hannaford.

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