north brooklyn farms.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

north brooklyn farms

i took some photos for a piece on north brooklyn farms for gardenista and i couldn't help but share them here as well. it was such a pleasure to meet the guys that run the farm, not to mention the heirloom tomatoes and purple basil that i tucked inside my camera bag for the train ride home.

north brooklyn farms

the farm is located on the once abandoned domino sugar factory's parking lot in williamsburg. fresh farm veggies aside, the view from this place is spectacular.

north brooklyn farms
north brooklyn farms

i'm positive this guy reads the very hungry caterpillar to all the baby caterpillars that hang out on his plant.

north brooklyn farms

ed and i are looking forward to joining them for a sunday supper on the farm as well. read the full article here.


Jesse said...

the tomatoes are just gorgeous! can't get enough of them.

Quyen Nguyen said...

What a great farm. I think we should have more small community farms! The tomatoes look delish!

dervla said...

oooh, i wanna go there!! I'm in mourning for the end of fresh tomatoes and basil.

Suzanne Fletcher said...

Just clicked over to Gardenista (one of my very favorite blogs) to read the article and think your photos are beautiful - great job!

Anonymous said...

perfect mix between industrial charme and nature (& food ;)

Still kinda curious about you new flat. will there be more pictures soon?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful garden and so good for the community. Keep up the good work guys .

Colleen Brynn said...

Such wonderful colours, and what an interesting location. I love fresh maters like this... yummmm!

Ashely Schneider said...

Henry Sweets! Knew him when we all lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Great photos.

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