the perfect ballet flat.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

porselli ballet flats

fashiony posts always irk me a bit because i understand that everyone has a different price point and fashion magazines (heck, all the magazines) already do an excellent job of subconsciously telling us our wardrobe isn't up to par. if anything, i want to start the discussion of investing in essentials as opposed to season to season shopping. because here's what happens-- next season you're going to fall in love with everything in the jcrew catalog (just like you did this season) and hence lies the problem of just owning a bunch of clothes. once you've filled your closet with a few investment pieces, everything else seems less, well, essential. and everything gets worn!

porselli ballet flats

e porselli ballerina shoes have been handmade in italy since 1919-- as in actual ballerina shoes. they are designed to fit like a glove (cinch the string up top to tighten the shoe) and last for years. though i think the thin sole is the main reason these flats look so darn elegant, i'm not quite sure how they will hold up to heavy duty city walking.

i ordered mine directly from this italian leather vendor, but you can also find them here and here.

what are some of your essentials?

ps: how to break in leather shoes, thoughts on style, and a video from the porselli store in italy.


Sara said...

Did you try the Repetto? They are pretty good as well!

Olga Galchenko said...

I've considered these many, many times. (Garance talks highly of them also.) My main rub with these is that actual handmade soft shoe ballet shoe costs $20, and lasts 7-8 months. And not even pointe shoes cost that much!

Of course, I am all for spending money on quality. It's just that real ballet shoe is not meant for walking on the street, and e porselli looks pretty close to the soft ballet shoe I'm going to take class in today.

Please, please, please report back on how it holds up. I'm so curious.

Quyen Nguyen said...

I cannot wear ballet flats while walking around the city or traveling because I need more support. I am curious how long they will last.

inpursuitofsomethingnew said...

Fall boots. Essential.

Jesse said...

i hear you. i'm not a fan of those waxing poetic about what to buy, we all know the classics right? i did a post on what i consider my classics a few weeks back:
p.s. holey jeans, mocs and maxis 4eva.

A Crimson Kiss said...

How gorgeous! I'm a sucker for the classic J.Crew ballet flats, but I'm always hunting for the perfect cherry red pair!

Alyssa said...

I used to take ballet and can't bring myself to pay crazy $ for street ballet shoes when they're usually uncomfortable and poorly made.

My family makes simple, handmade leather shoes that are my staple shoes.

Our shoes are custom made with top grain leather so they also form to your feet and fit like a glove. There is nothing better!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

These are super cute! I live in ballet flats during the fall and spring.

Bonjour! said...

,,,i have owned these ballet flats (in about every color) since my college days (a loooong time now) while i love to wear them as much as possible (prefer flats to heels, wearing my navy ones as i type this comment) i would not wear them to walk the streets of any city. very little support and trust me...i've stepped on a rock/pebble more then a few times and you can fill it in these shoes. though, they are a great investment and you will thank yourself time and again for taking the leap. not too mention they look so sweet on the feet,,,

rebecca said...

haven't tried repetto. also gorgeous!

agreed! errand running shoes as opposed to pounding the pavement. they are so perfectly dainty on my feet.

jesse and alyssa-
thanks for the tip.

megan said...

I had high hopes for repettos and they didn't quite live up to my expectations (also ballet shoe company). I prefer Blochs (again, ballet shoe company) both in comfort and look. BUT I do have to say I've had great experience with Massimo Dutti's flats! Super reasonably priced and I haul ass around town in those :)

Also, can't complain about my swedish hasbeens. I'm a walker, everything needs to pass the test of a serious day stomping around the city.

Tess said...

I love this! I couldn't agree with you more. I just recently bought flats from American Apparel in a ballerina color. Hopefully they'll last a while! Those Italian shoes look incredible, though.

rebecca said...

great advice! thanks.

Olivia Merrill said...

It's true! I work at J. Crew, and it happens to me every season! I have a million pairs of colored and printed jeans but I don't currently own a wearable pair of basic blue, white, or black :/

Great advice I got from a fellow shopper a few months ago: buy half as much; spend twice as much. I'm such a cheapskate (I hate shelling out for basic quality items) but you spend so much more money the other way and end up with a bunch of clothes you have hardly wear.

Great post--love the flats :)

Astrid said...

I'm a complete ballet flats-addict, so I have many many pairs, and I have to agree with Megan that the flats from Massimo are simply the best (to my surprise). They're very nice and soft (and smell great :), but I have to say that in my experience they tend to get A LOT larger once you wear them a lot, which is of course a disadvantage. But still, they're good quality and look very French. :)
One of the must-have pieces I couldn't do without is my Fjallraven Kanken backpack. Since it doubles as a handbag I literally use it everyday, and you can handwash it if it gets dirty. Not really a big investment piece, but essential nonetheless!

Astrid said...

O and by the way, Rebecca, I'm going to NYC next week (for the first time) and I am so thankful for all your eating out-tips! All them frozen fruits/quinoa/veggie burgers be blessed.

Rachel Matteson said...

I've never tried wearing such shoes because they look uncomfortable with the thin soles they have. I am amazed at how strong they are though that lasted for years.

ivan777 said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am Young men and after having an injury on the top of my left foot, I started to wearing ballet flats cause I wasnt able to wear closed shoes and I have small feet for a guy (I can wear women shoe US size 9 or 10 depending the brand) , I hope you don't mind so I have some experience with ballet flats.

My sister and I , we've tried Repettos flats, they are beautiful and the soft leather is great but there isn't any support for your feet so after some hours walking with these kind of flats your feet become sore and tired. And they are really really expensive. I found better and more comfortable options such as:

Giani Bellini Cillian flats wth more heel, padded soles, some arch support, and made of leather ($70).

Michael Kors Fulton flats, elegant flats made of leather, very comfortable for walking, insole padded ($120)

Sam Edelman Felicia: one of my favorites, soft leather no blisters, padded insole, I add a fabric insole for long walking, look wonderful many colors and no so expensive for a ballerina $ 90

Banana Republic Ashley, beautiful ballet flats made of leather(uppers) memory foam insoles, very comfortable for walking, need some break in but after that very comfortable price $ 98

Campers Nina Right: a fusion of ballet flat and Mary jane, super comfortable for long walking or as everyday shoes, made of very soft porc leather, well padded, good amount of heel, price $ 160

Michael Kors City Ballets, a ballerina made of synthetic, insole made of padded fabrics, I was surpride how comfortable this flats are. price $ 110

I avoid Tory Burch Revas I had a pair of these flats and they are really a torture for the feet, no padding very hard to break in and expensive, just they have an elegant dressy look.
And this are my recommandations for anyone looking for comfortable flats


emilee said...

hi rebecca -- any update on how well the flats have held up? did you have any issues ordering through the pierotucci site? do you remember how long it took to receive your order? just ordered a pair of pink flats, and am wondering.

thanks :)


rebecca said...

they've held up pretty well. though i'm not exactly walking miles in them. i usually just slip them on for errands around the neighborhood. i had no issues ordering through the site and the flats arrived around 2 weeks later. hope that helps!

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Unknown said...

bought some of these a year ago, and I still wear them almost daily! just purchased a second pair specifically for working. they've held up really well with proper leather care and cleaning. 10/10 would recommend

Jenny Morgan said...

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