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Friday, September 27, 2013

santa monica pier

i should write a post on where to shop for your 7' tall husband
it would likely benefit no one
tis the season
that time of year in which i refuse to shower because it's frigid when i step out
speaking of such, did you know you can wash your shower liner? (scroll the comments)
works like a charm, i tell ya'
life on the farm
homeland! sunday!
le chop
these babies are toasty (size up!)
granola bar and kefir...

a huge thanks to everyone in my life and over the internets who have been supportive of the print shop. cheers to new endeavors and crisp fall weather.


Amy said...

I totally thought the shower thing was only me.

Jesse said...

those tights look insane! i just pulled out all my tights from last year (all four pairs, sigh) and half of them have holes in the toes. double sigh. but yea for tights shopping:)

Anonymous said...

Please write that tall men's shopping post!

evie dear said...

my husbands 6'3 but so slim. I often think it would be a great idea to open a tall-skinny-man shop.

Julie said...

I would love a post about Tall Man shopping. My husband has a long torso and I am constantly looking for Tall Long shirts.

Ren said...

You know, I love that it's now fall and the weather is getting cooler (South Carolina summers are a beast), but waking up to the frigidness of cooler mornings is such a turd.

Anonymous said...

Is he honestly 7 feet tall?

molly yeh said...

oh i just saw this, thank you so much for the link love, lady! and holllla to homeland!


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