a party in nashville.

Friday, October 25, 2013

the daily muse

i just dropped off sam wiggins with a friend several hours earlier than my flight and every thirty minutes i look over at the couch expecting to hear him snore. ed arrived in nashville last night and i've already been warned that the line out the door at pancake pantry is out of control. marché is better!

his grandmother recently passed away and i remember her saying that once she was gone, there would be no funeral formalities, but instead, a "party" of sorts in which the entire family would be in attendance. family spread across from new york, virginia, st. louis, and kentucky all to meet up in nashville for a party in her honor. her laid-back perspective on life is such an encouragement and (in my opinion) the theme of this weekend's get together.

photo by ariele alasko.


A Crimson Kiss said...

What a beautiful tribute to her.

Rebeka said...

I really like the idea of having a celebration rather than funeral formalities.

Also, I will be in Nashville on Saturday for the first time and I'm so excited! Yay!

Erica said...

i'm sorry for your loss, but this sounds like a wonderful way of celebrating her life.

Alexa said...

So sorry for your loss. :( Always good to remember her in the most positive ways.

kitchu said...

I love this theme, so sorry for your loss (and an incredible photo with the post).

i've really missed visiting you here.

sumslay said...

I'm sorry for your loss. That's how my family does funerals too, and I swear, it's really a blast. We always hate that we only get together for those occasions, though!

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