apple pickin.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

apple picking in new jersey

on saturday we drove to battleview orchards in search of pumpkins, apples, cider, and all that other jazz that makes you want to take an abundance of photos just like you did at this same time last year. it was hot, then it was cold, and then it was sunny, and then it was cloudy. honestly, we drove an hour for the cider donuts alone.

apple picking in new jersey
battleview orchards in freehold nj

the kind of donuts that make grease spots on the bag before you even pay and leave you with cinnamon sugar sprinklings all over your clothes. best eaten dunked in hot cider, followed by drinking the hot cider with floating donut bits. luckily, we had a sam wiggins to help with clean up duty.

apple cider donuts

i'm always tempted to get some donuts for the road, though day-after donuts just aren't the same. five year engagement-- stale donuts. anyone?

battleview orchards in freehold nj
apple picking in new jersey

sixteen pounds worth of winesap apples. anyone who comes to our house in the next week leaves with an apple.

pumpkin picking in new jersey
apple picking in new jersey
apple picking in new jersey
pumpkin picking in new jersey
battleview orchards in freehold nj
apple picking in new jersey

two thumbs up for the pumpkin muffins too.

apple picking in new jersey

what to do with all those apples? commence the apple peeling hand cramp for applesauce and an apple crisp.


J and H from Beyond The Stoop said...

yum! I went to Alstead Farms 2 weekends ago, and made apple butter some of the apples!! I cored, peeled, and chopped all 6 pounds in the morning before work. talk about cramping, geesh! but it was totally worth it ;)

CWhittemore said...

I love your shirt!! Where is it from?

rebecca said...

thanks! ace and jig.

Jesse said...

apple crisp forever and for breakfast.

susan said...

We'll be doing the same as soon as temps feel fallish here in it all! (and all that jazz...)

Quyen Nguyen said...

Looks like a beautiful orchard! I love an apple chutney with thyme. I picked it up while in Washington D.C. It is great as a topping on anything, especially ice cream!

Jamie said...

Pardon my fashion sharp-shooting but where are your husband's pants from? They hang nicely and I need something dark and casual like that.

rebecca said...

they are AG, one of the few places with a long enough inseam.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh, what a perfect day! This is the year we find an orchard, no matter how far we have to go!

Alex said...

Might I suggest this amazing gadget for all your peeling and slicing needs:

I had one growing up and it made you want to eat apples all day!

rebecca said...

yes! i was wishing for one of those as i peeled away this weekend. thanks for the reminder.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Cinnamon donuts and pumpkin muffins? Oh my! Talk about heaven...

Colleen Brynn said...

I'm with Andi! These photos and snacks are to die for... *slurp*

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

This place looks beautiful! What a fun fall day. Those donuts sound too good, I want one! I really want to make apple cider donuts but pretty sure they won't be as good as the ones you described-it's all about the grease :)

Isabel said...

Put your day-old apple cider donuts in the toaster oven! It makes them even better. And this is an excellent reminder to actually put apple picking on my calendar.

Unknown said...

I'll continue the fashion questions - where are your jeans from? They are such a lovely wash!

rebecca said...

ha! madewell hi-rise.

Katie said...

Looks like a dream! Thanks for sharing!

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