fall on the upper west side.

Monday, October 21, 2013

fall on the upper west side, nyc

despite a lot of green leaves that have yet to turn their autumn hue, fall is in full swing with door decorations and pumpkins upon entrance at every restaurant. the crisp morning air turns into warm afternoons and our apartment smells like trader joe's pumpkin coffee mixed with a fluffy pup whose velcro-esque fur attracts every leaf particle from riverside park. 

fall on the upper west side, nyc

due to hectic schedules this month we've been cooking less and less and eating out more and more. we made up for it this weekend with a joint effort in balsamic roasted brussels sprouts and mexican quinoa soup

fall on the upper west side, nyc

redfarm finally opened in the neighborhood, though we've yet to make it over since they aren't open for dinner just yet. in the mean time, minestrone soup with focaccia from salumeria rosi has made the restaurant rotation. 

fall on the upper west side, nyc

after dinner activities include a night-walk with sam, a brief tidy-up, answering necessary emails pertaining to the next day's activities, a fresh pot of pumpkin coffee, candy corn, and back-to-back parks and recreation. we're almost caught up! ethel beavers!

fall on the upper west side, nyc
fall on the upper west side, nyc
fall on the upper west side, nyc

and sunday morning activities include a walk to the farmers' market followed by ed watching football whilst i get some work done.

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i'm pretty sure that covers everything in the completely useless information department. your turn.

ps: downtown too.


J and H from Beyond The Stoop said...

i'm in love. my neighborhood in jersey city looks JUST like this, with decorated, ornate stoops and mums galore! fall in the city is pretty awesome, isn't it?

Astrid said...

gorgeous pics. dammit, i miss NY!

Katie said...

Looks and sounds lovely! You are making me miss fall, and I'm a summer girl through and through!

Actually it's all those cute babies in the pumpkin patch on FB that are the real killer. So cute!

Hello from Brazil!

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Sigh...I love the Upper West side. So wish I could live there (though I love my neighborhood, the UWS is just so charming). I love to see your pictures of it, especially in all it's autumn glory.

dee said...

Wow. These photographs are delightful. Love the colors and light captured in them. :)

Danielle E. Alvarez said...

Gosh, the UWS looks BEAUTIFUL right now. I really miss fall in New York!

Taryn said...

Love your coat!!

Quyen Nguyen said...

What lovely fall colors! Unfortunately we don't have any here yet in Los Angeles!

Carly Martin said...

Love your coat! Where is it from?

rebecca said...

thank you. it's from vince.

Anonymous said...

Shoe details please. You look lovely :)

rebecca said...

thanks for the kind words. dieppa restrepo.

Jesse said...

it's finally, finally getting cold enough for my big collared coat, homemade apple sauce and heavy knitted tights. i love fall.


A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh fall, how I miss you. San Francisco, this warm weather is lovely but I'm itching for fiery leaves in big piles and crisp mornings that stay cool all day!

Hilary said...

I must ask you about this pumpkin coffee. I saw it at TJ's the other day and was pretty tempted.. but I didn't buy. So you like? And how do you take it? Milk and sugar?

rebecca said...


Rebeka said...

These photos are beautiful. Also, I love your coat.

Anna said...

These photos made my heart skip a beat. I miss NY so much!

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