scones at alice's tea cup.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

alice's tea cup

ed's mom was recently in town for a quick weekend visit which made for a pleasant addition to our sunday morning scone and coffee routine. a cup of coffee for the stroll followed by an array of fruity scones shared on a friendly neighbor's stoop.

alice's tea cup

during ed's brief veganism phase we got wind that alice's tea cup had the most amazing vegan scones and i've been hooked ever since. honestly, i've never ordered a thing at alice's tea cup besides the scones at the front counter so i can't confirm a thumbs up on actual menu items. the whole place has this alice in wonderland tchotchkes sort of vibe and they do adorable tea party themed children's birthdays as well. anywho, the scones. focus on the scones.

alice's tea cup

in true fashion, scones come with your choice of raspberry jam and clotted cream for your dipping/spreading pleasure.

alice's tea cup

of course there is a huge selection of teas to suit your fancy as well, and though i'm not a huge tea drinker, republic of tea's hot apple cider is a current favorite at home.


Jackie {York Avenue} said...

I love Alice's Tea Cup! One of my favorite spots in the city. The scones are amazing (actually had one yesterday for the first time in forever). I've also sat inside and had a lentil salad dish, and that was delicious as well. It has bacon in it, which to me makes everything better, but I know you wouldn't be able to have...they might be able to make it without though! Definitely an adorable place and I like that they have several locations, though the UWS one is probably the biggest.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Scones and hot apple cider tea sound heavenly right now! said...

Haha I'm actually drinking a cup of that apple cider tea as I read this! Alice's actually had a delicious chocolate mint tea that is to die for.

in dreams said...

this is one of the only places i knew i HAD to go when i visited NYC…and it was everything i had built it up to be! now that i see it again, all i want to do is grab a friend, head down there, and have tea+scones together. :)

Erin said...

Are all the scones vegan? They look lovely, but I think scones are just meant to be full of butter! I'd still eat one, though :)

rebecca said...

vegan and otherwise!

kitchu said...


domestikated said...

I went there when I visited last year, sat inside and had the mad morning tea (or something like that) which included granola, eggs and scones! It was delicious. My friend and I were very disappointed not to be offered the sprinkling of fairy dust that all the little girls were getting though!

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