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Thursday, October 24, 2013

sleep sounds for travel

ed and i started listening to sleep sounds on an ipod with a speaker dock when we first moved to the city. our apartment was on a quiet block, but the unfamiliar noises upstairs and in the hallway made it difficult to drift off to sleep. and of course you can never escape the sirens. over time, we got hooked on the rain sounds and needed the same noise when we traveled as well.

up until recently, the ipod dock system was still in place until i found about the sound+sleep nomad for travel. it has six sounds to choose from (i usually stick with rain or waterfall), and despite it's perfect-for-travel-size, the sound manages to encompass the entire room. once you've set your sound, the button lights dimmer to off so you're not further annoyed by unnecessary brightness in your bedroom.

do you listen to sleep sounds?


Anonymous said...

I have tried to sleep with white noise sound but it just doesn't help me at all. I'm a light sleeper and need complete silence when I sleep. I have thought about giving it another try with a different sound because lately the neighbors dogs in my hood are insufferable. People are so inconsiderate.

marissa (stylebook) said...

oh i'm SO glad you wrote about this. our neighbors, who we share a bedroom wall with... well. i've been begging mark to research these. i'll leave it at that.

Amy said...

I have slept with sleeping sounds for a very long time - I am a light sleeper and this blocks out any noises for me. I also have my kids use them too. Yay for sleep sounds!!

in dreams said...

i sleep with earplugs, everywhere i go, because i have so much trouble falling asleep! (i always have a case filled with extras in my purse, too, for when i go to shows + the music is too loud. i look ridiculous wearing them, but i don't care!) they are a godsend…i'm not sure that i'd still be coherent in the mornings without them, actually!

rebecca said...

oh my. get on it!

Amy@OldSweetSong said...

I have the white noise app on my iPhone and just play it out loud. However I don't like the actual white noise and prefer either Brown Noise or Oscillating Fan. And, now you know.

Shoko said...

i sleep to a rain sound on my phone in the winter, when the ac is no longer in use. it's awesome, but one night i slept through a pipe bursting in my kitchen because of it - whoops :)

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