yura on madison.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

yura on madison

i've been going to yura since we moved to nyc and i have no idea why it just now occurred to me to snap a few photos. well, actually, i get the sense that photos are frowned upon at yura (says the evil eyes from behind the counter) and the whole place is giving off this upper-east-side-madison-ave vibe that makes me not want to look a fool by taking photos as i dine. whatever, photos went down.

yura on madison

yura mostly consists of take-out friendly prepared foods that can easily be taken home for dinner, picnics in central park, or eaten on the benches outside whilst people watching. i confess that the appeal may have a lot to do with the leisurely bike ride across the park that ends in espresso frosted marble cake, though baked goods aside, the corn and barley salad and greek couscous are frequently in rotation in the fridge.

yura on madison

nothing fancy. just good food.

yura on madison

and marble cake that causes an argument over who ate all the espresso frosting.

yura on madison

it was ed.

yura on madison

her name is babette. fitting, no? drool to the leg.

yura on madison

and this guy loves yura. he told me so.


Danielle E. Alvarez said...

I wish I'd known about this when I was on the UES! Will have to make a pit stop next time I'm feeling nostalgic.

Jesse said...

good for you for taking photos. i hate places that make you feel like there is something wrong with taking photos. hello, we're taking pictures because we like your food! geesh, people are uppity right?
also, babette may be the best name for a dog ever, besides sam wiggins. of course.

Valerie said...

Such a shame you didn't do that post earlier. I was in NY last week and would have loved to stop by! I'm always up for good food ;-) xx

A Crimson Kiss said...

Love this!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

That marble cake looks AMAZING!

marissa (stylebook) said...

i know i said all i care about is eating, but i also care about your cutie pie braid.

dervla said...

love Yura...you were right near me!

FripperyVintage said...

That cupcake looks pretty yummy!

Olivia Merrill said...

I want a slice of that cake!

Where did you get your sweater? It's such a pretty basic.

rebecca said...

thank you! theory summer sale!

Alex said...

Where's your sweater from? I love it!

Alex said...

Just saw your response...

grumpygills said...

cute shoes!! where are they from?

rebecca said...

thank you! camper.

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