fall in central park.

Monday, November 18, 2013

wollman rink central park

last weekend i officially waved my white flag and gave in to the fact that i was sick with whatever the heck everyone else has. i am likely the most annoying sick person because i'm continually in denial about actually being sick and proceed to do everything a non-sick person would do in a given day. which of course, makes me sicker.

fall in central park

should i have walked all over central park taking photos of it's gorgeousness, despite my hacking cough? likely no. should i have sat on the couch with a cup of tea like ed told me to? likely yes. am i a stubborn sack-of-crap when i get sick? for sure.

the daily muse

so in my sick state-of-denial (at the time), i bring you fall in central park!

fall in central park

side note-- the cold warrior from juice generation is an excellent sore throat remedy. thanks for the tip kathy!

sheep meadow central park
fall in central park
fall in central park
fall in central park
fall in central park

get to wollman rink before it gets crowded! or don't. 

wollman rink central park

if you happen to know why big bird and elmo are straight chillin' in the park for no particular reason, by all means fill me in.

fall in central park
fall in central park
fall in central park
fall in central park

here's hoping the this-time-of-the-year sickness hasn't got you down as well.


marissa (stylebook) said...

lookin' mighty pretty for a sick girl, girl. feel better!

sophie said...

SUCH a nice coat. do tell where from. :) feel better soon.

tk said...

I'm cracking up about big bird and elmo. We were visiting a couple of months ago and saw them too!

Rebeka said...

Ahhh those pictures are so pretty. I'm sorry you're sick. I woke up feeling like crap today, sore throat, runny nose, tired, it sucks. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is my sickness makes me extra sympathetic to your sickness and I hope you feel better ASAP.

A Crimson Kiss said...

How could you have resisted such a gorgeous day? And if you'd stayed in bed like a sick person should, you would have missed that magical moment with Elmo and Big Bird!

rebecca said...

thanks so much! jcrew.

Bonjour! said...

,,,thanks for the pics...lovely. feel better!,,,

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