hiking (again).

Thursday, November 7, 2013

hiking bear mountain

i thought i'd share a few photos from hiking bear mountain again this past weekend. completely unrelated, ed and i started watching the new show masters of sex on showtime. have you seen it? oh my.

hiking bear mountain

since we aren't very familiar with the trails, sam is free to roam on a long retractable leash that mostly just gets caught in the tree limbs. he's none the wiser and we feel safer knowing that his nose won't leave him lost in the woods hunting down a squirrel-ish scent. it brings me great joy to act out this scene on several occasions throughout the day. got me a marlin!

hiking bear mountain
hiking bear mountain

i've cursed daylight savings enough times that i'm starting to accept the situation. and harry and david pears arrive next week!

(instagram @beccabaust)


Melinda DiOrio said...

Pretty! I just added you on Instagram - I love your photos!

A Crimson Kiss said...

Pears and hikes and Masters of Sex–sounds like a pretty great first week of daylight savings time!

Jessie Ammons said...

I live for Harry & David pear season.

Preeti Kaur said...

Nature at its best! Amazing photographs :)


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