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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

tips on shopping for tall men

i often joke that we are running a UPS out of our apartment due to the vast amount of packages that get shipped, followed by the same packages almost immediately getting sent right back. ok, perhaps i'm exaggerating, BUT i've lived with a very tall husband long enough to know what works and what doesn't as far as clothing and footwear. after much trial and error on ed's part, i feel fully confident to share a list of some of his favorite places that cater to the taller gentleman. 

tips on shopping for tall men

above all, i've learned that you can mostly forget about going to a store and shopping for anything off the rack. tall sizes and longer inseams are reserved for online orders and most shoe stores only keep a size 13 in stock. as for suits and dress pants? made to measure is the way to go.

here goes:
-for whatever reason, american apparel's basic cotton tees are longer than most and fit pretty darn well considering they don't offer a specifically taller size.

-banana republic and jcrew is great for shorts, cotton pants, and casual button-ups in longer lengths.

-if you don't know your dress shirt size, get measured at brooks brothers and order your size online with fit options ranging from traditional to extra slim.

-the warmest flannel shirts are at land's end.

-suitsupply has an excellent made-to-measure program with several locations across the country.

-i've heard good things about j.hilburn's made-to-measure program for suits and shirts as well. ed's a big fan of their sweaters.

-as for shoes, cole haan and allen edmonds have extended shoe sizes. allen edmonds will even make a custom shoe. for casual boots and slippers, ugg has several classic options in larger sizes.

-splurge on a pair of AG jeans (inseams from 34-36) and call it a day in the denim department.

-get to know your tailor! clothes are not made to fit every body shape directly off the rack.

any favorites to add to the list?

ps: how to break in leather shoes and the perfect ballet flat.


Danielle E. Alvarez said...

Thank you SO much for this list!

Sandi G said...

Oh yeah, Brooks Brothers dress shirts are the BEST. Pricey but a nice splurge.
Pinning your list!

Alexa said...

Good tips! Have the same issue.

A Crimson Kiss said...

I should send these tips to my baby brother–I may be only 5'5", but Charlie's more than a foot taller!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

This is really helpful, as my hubby is tall too!

Ashley said...

Yes! JCrew is the go-to around here, but I feel they've narrowed their selection a bit in the past few years. I wish more of their seasonal sweaters were made in Tall. And we've been getting t-shirts and button downs from Gap Tall lately, especially in the slim fit. Aron doesn't have to do a long pant inseam, but the H&M denim is actually great and they tend to have a large range of sizes.

Olga Galchenko said...

I see a Sam Wiggins sniffing the papa sweaters!! :)

Preeti Kaur said...

Very helpful! I am forwarding this link to few of my friends who seem to have the same problem :)

Unknown said...

We use for shoes and socks (they have shoes up to size 20 and socks are made for shoe sizes 14-18). Undershirts and Thermal Underwear from JC Penney they carry extra tall sizes. Jeans from Wrangler they have some styles that have up to a 44" inseam.

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