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Monday, November 11, 2013

sunset over the hudson

i don't know why i'm just now getting around to sharing these, but a while back before the leaves had completely turned and the sun went down at a decent hour, i carried my camera to the roof to catch the most amazing sunset.

upper west side
sunset over the hudson
upper west side

she's a looker, no?

ps: backyards in the city and new york at night.


Rebeka said...

Oh those pictures are stunning! Your roof has some great views, lucky girl.

Liz - oneawkwardyear said...

Wow, stunning! Gorgeous photos - I love the street scenes.

KMH said...

beautiful work, Rebecca! I'm going on over to your other site to see if any of these prints are available for purchase now...

Gina said...

Amazing photos!! I started following you one year ago and I really enjoy all your posts. You and Ed are both great photographers and have a special sense and good taste. Your son Sam Wiggins is just adorable :) xx

PS: I'm from Barcelona and thanks to you I'm willing to visit NYC soon!

dervla kelly said...

wow ... that was one insane sunset, we've had some incredible ones this summer and autumn.

i am pam said...

lovely photos of a beautiful city. my favorite is #2.

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