christmas in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

columbus circle holiday market

the three of us walked down to the columbus circle holiday market this past weekend if only to stock up on gingersnaps and gingerbread ladies. later that night i made icing for those suckers, topped them with sprinkles, and managed to eat my fill of ginger-esque food items until the new year. sam wiggins got carried around the market like a prince because he was getting trampled by the crowd, placing him eye level with some guy's bratwurst and inappropriately sniffing peoples hair.

christmas trees nyc

trees on every corner…

christmas trees nyc

thankfully my strapping husband carried our oversized tree back to the apartment.

the daily muse

i'm gonna go out on a limb (ha!) and say that the lincoln center christmas tree is my favorite. she's got gumption! which reminds me to watch the holiday but mostly jude law in those glasses and that one scene where they spot each other in the bar.

lincoln center christmas tree

you know anchorman 2 comes out next week, right? i'm not gonna camp out or anything, but it's on my to-do list. have you seen ron burgundy's dodge durango commercials? classy.

lincoln center christmas tree

(instagram @beccabaust)


Gabriella H said...

Love experiencing NYC through your eyes! Especially at Christmas time :)

Mary Schaubert said...

I laughed out loud at that line about Ed carrying your tree. We have a little 1 bedroom apartment, and sometimes I also feel like we should just go for the mini tree. Someday, there will be a 9 footer! Merry Christmas!

Caroline said...

NYC at Christmastime! So, so magical - thank you for sharing with us!

Aubrey said...

Laughing at the tree. It's absolutely perfect.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Love this–between Mr Wiggins sniffing people's hair and your perfectly petite tree, I've got the goofiest smile on my face!

Dahliaoffice said...
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