murray's bagels.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

murray's bagels

after a cold snowy saturday (last weekend), ed and i woke up on sunday craving a legit bagel sandwich. oh i can make a stellar egg bagel at home-- but it's not murray's. not to mention we had a billion errands to run in chelsea.

murray's bagels

it's nearly impossible to find a place to sit on the weekend and the line was out the door. we got a few bagels for the road and took our piping hot sandwiches outside to the bench.

murray's bagels

ed always orders a bacon, egg, and cheese and i stick with plain ol' cream cheese. coffee! don't forget the coffee.

murray's bagels

murray's bagels are some of the hugest i've seen in the city and they offer a ton of flavors (flavors?) as well-- multi-grain topping the list. 

murray's bagels
murray's bagels
murray's bagels

previously blanketed in a pristine layer of white, the day after sloshy sloopy snow makes a brown lake on every curb and salty sidewalks become a menace for the canines. by the time all is washed away, another white blanket of snow will soon follow. 

murray's bagels
murray's bagels

an abundance of cream cheese choices….

murray's bagels

ps: russ and daughters too.


Rebeka said...

Oh my gosh, those bagels look so good! And your hair, it's so long and pretty.

Marie-Eve Couture said...

Pretty :)
Cheers from snowy Montreal.

Daina Ankrum said...

I used to teach at PS 11 and loved stopping at Murray's! Yum!

Christina C said...

I love Murray's bagels, my favorites! Last time I was in NYC, I made sure to stop at Murray's on the out of town to bring some back to sunny CA.

marissa (stylebook) said...

my favorite, girl. i texted M the link to this post with one of those cry-face emojis.

Sarah Spitz said...

Those look simply great! Also: beautiful photos!!! Love your blog!

Here's what made me happy this last week:

Love from Germany,


curiouscovetous said...

Where is your coat from?? It's exactly what I've been looking for!

rebecca said...

ha! that made me laugh.

it's by postcard from several years ago.

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