how to clean your clarisonic.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

how to clean your clarisonic

i still use my clarisonic religiously, though it gets pretty scuzzy on a regular basis-- hence the reason they recommend you buy a new replacement head every three months or so. but if it's just dirty, doesn't it make sense to clean it?

of course there are many ways to give your clarisonic a spruce up, but erin suggests the above cleaning concoction in order to actually disinfect the head and the brush. i admit i never realized how dirty (ahem, moldy) it actually gets until i took the brush head off the nozzle.

what do you clean yours with?

graphic by brains of the outfit.


Velva said...

I have contemplated many times to buy a clarisonic....This is a good way to clean electric toothbrush heads too.

rebecca said...

yes! good idea.

Flora said...

I have a toddler here, and the device to vaporize his bottles and other things is still sitting around. After 15 minutes of boiling steam, not many germs survive. So i put the brush first into the dishwasher or simply wash it out in the sink and then put it into the vaporizer. Doesn't sound like a useful advice if you haven't got a toddler, but the vaporizer comes at around 20 dollars, and it also kills germs in cosmetic sponges, pastry brushes etc.
The head never looked that dirty to me, but i cleaned it last week with an old toothbrush. I don't think that anything left in there could reach my skin, so...

Jesse said...

oh this is great! i was just contemplating new brushes, but i'll see if this will give my current brush a spruce! thanks!

EW Brown said...

Thanks for posting this, Rebecca! I've now started using this mixture to clean just about everything in my house.

Love your blog, BTW :)

-Erin B.

Jeannie Shmina Greenwald said...

I remove the brush head from the device at each charging. I wash and rinse it with anti-bacterial soap. Then I spray it with vinegar and wash the device under the brush too. After washing and spraying with vinegar and then rinsing it all, the brush air dries while it waits for the device to charge.

tanya wright said...

the reason for replacing the brush head every 3 months is because the bristles dull not because of dirt and bacteria. the bristles are individually cut and rounded and the pulled together. they dull over time and won't work as efficiently. a weekly cleaning of the brush will suffice in between.

Josy Bon said...

Thank you for this simple tips on cleaning clarisonic brush. I will try this one. :)

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