ice skating in nyc.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

sky rink at chelsea piers

new york magazine recently included an article listing several new ice skating rinks in manhattan and brooklyn and i thought i'd add my two cents. the deep dark tunnel of winter has nearly taken over my brain and i figure it only makes sense to embrace it. my favorite place to skate in the city? the sky rink at chelsea piers, hands down. i admit it's lacking charm, but the indoor (not freezing!) rink is open year round.

ice skating rink at brookfield place

i've been itching to try the rink at brookfield place in battery park city for it's gorgeous (freezing!) views of the hudson. have you been?

ice skating at bryant park

i know sharon prefers skating at bryant park-- free if you bring your own skates.

wollman rink central park

there's the iconic and always crowded wollman rink in central park, with perhaps the loveliest view of them all.

lasker rink central park

i prefer the less crowded lasker rink, located in central park in the 100's.

ice skating at rockefeller center

unless you enjoy skating shoulder to shoulder, i'd pass on the rink at rockefeller center during the weekend. aim for a weekday instead. that being said, it's rockefeller center! heck, just go for it.

lefrak center ice skating

the lefrak center at lakeside in prospect park (brooklyn) just opened in december. looks gorgeous!

do you have any to add?

brookfield place photo by jeff chien-hsing liao, bryant park photo by jose luis r. cortes, wollman rink photo by christopher kirby, lasker rink photo by bjorn grouting, rockefeller center photo by yours truly previously taken for this post, lefrak center photo by michael moran.


The Bebebirds said...

Wow so many places to choose from! I literally only know of one place to go (being from Georgia). Not that I want to experience the icy vortex that has invaded you all, but it would be nice to get the weather cold enough down here for some skating rinks!

Christine said...

We have just returned home to Australia from our month in New York - from -15 C to +44 C in a matter of days, it was quite the adjustment!!! We enjoyed a local rink at McCarren Park whilst staying in Williamsburg - not too small and provided lots of fun for a 6 year old who had never been on ice (or seen snow) and her 49 year old Daddy who hadn't been on skates for 20 years!!!

rebecca said...

mccarren rink! yes! thanks for the addition.

Heather said...

so far i've only skated at the wollman rink. i definitely felt like i was in a movie the whole time. but wow! i didn't know about half of these other spots so thanks for all the tips!

Colleen Brynn said...

If I'm ever in New York over winter, I'll have to bring my skates. In Canada, we play shinny at outdoor rinks. Everyone brings their stick and throws it in the middle. Someone divvies out the sticks into even teams and thus a hockey game begins. It's so fun.

dodeline said...

When I visited NYC in December we did Wollman Rink since we'd never been and would have limited opportunities. It was definitely fun & very "iconic" :-)

DM said...

Your hair!! So long and suits you really nicely!

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