manuel racim custom shirts.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

manuel racim custom shirts

ed and i headed downtown to manuel racim in tribeca this past weekend to spend a snowy afternoon thumbing through shirt fabrics and buttons and such. they specialize in custom shirts for men, be it dressy or casual, and the options are endless as you choose your own fabric, fit (slim, extra slim, etc), collar, cuffs, buttons, and stitching. whew!

manuel racim custom shirts

measurements are stored in their online system to make future ordering a breeze-- if you ever get past the remote controlled panel of endless italian-milled fabrics.

manuel racim custom shirts
manuel racim custom shirts

shirts are sewn from beginning to end in the western part of france and ready to be picked up in 2-3 weeks.

manuel racim custom shirts

i admit given ed's towering stature, he will likely realize his off-the-rack dress shirts are a bit lacking compared to a new made-to-measure. i also admit that custom shirting is an expensive route to go about building a wardrobe, though i found that manuel racim's prices were very competitive compared to other bespoke shops in the city.

manuel racim custom shirts
manuel racim custom shirts

a mirrored wall on the left side of the store converts to a digital screen in which to view your shirt as you mull over button choices.

manuel racim custom shirts
manuel racim custom shirts

perhaps the perfect splurge for valentine's day?! 

manuel racim custom shirts

disclosure: ed's custom shirt was a gift from manuel racim, though we would (both) recommend the brand without hesitation. 

ps: shopping for the tall guys.


Jamie said...

I like a men's custom retailer with a liquor cabinet.

Jesse said...

my husband has the trickiest time finding the right fit on a shirt, glad to know there are options!

rebecca said...

haha. yes! forgot to mention...

marissa (stylebook) said...

M wants to go here now.

matimuk said...

thanks for sharing
i love to wear mens shirts : )

best, christel

rosh edward said...

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