the dogist.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the dogist

my friend rubi recently introduced me to the dogist-- a street style dog blog of sorts based in the city and surrounding boroughs. lick the cockapoo (above) was spotted in prospect park and teep the labradoodle flashes a smile in chelsea.

the dogist

i started following along on instagram and i confess seeing the pups in my feed always brings a smile to my face. 

the dogist

curtis is looking dapper in union square.

the dogist

bacchus and beauregard on the upper west side.

the dogist

and ursa the german shepherd hanging out at macri triangle in williamsburg.

photos by elias weiss friedman.


Lola said...

best. blog. ever.

Christine Hartlaub said...

Oh. dang. This is fantastic. I'm following immediately.

Colleen Brynn said...

So good. I have a few friends who would love this. Going to pass it on now.

sumslay said...

Holy moly, this just made my life better!

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