how to eat soup dumplings.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

how to eat soup dumplings

i admit i didn't know there was a proper way to actually eat soup dumplings, besides taking a bite and letting the soup drip down your chin and sleeves. ed frequently orders the soup dumplings at our local redfarm and i always laugh that it must be the worst first date menu item. thankfully, redfarm owner ed schoenfeld explains the proper way to devour them.

how to eat soup dumplings

take the cover off the basket and let sit for a minute or so.

how to eat soup dumplings

after about 60 seconds the dumpling skin will start to get tougher.

how to eat soup dumplings

to prevent stick, dip your chopstick in the provided vinegar sauce before picking it up. also make sure the dumpling doesn't stick to anything else and try not to break the skin.

how to eat soup dumplings

grab the dumpling very gently right below the knot. you will be able to clearly see the soup line.

how to eat soup dumplings

bite off the knot with the soup spoon placed underneath and let the steam escape for a few seconds.

how to eat soup dumplings

politely slurp the soup from the spoon and enjoy the dumpling. hey, now you know.

photos by gabi porter for food republic.


Jesse said...

yum, now a recipe on how to make soup dumplings? :)

A Crimson Kiss said...

Genius–I always end up splattered in burning hot soup!

Rebeka said...

I recently went to Din Tai Fung here in Seattle and I basically just ended up shoving the entire dumpling in my mouth in an attempt not to let it dribble down my chin. Definitely not the best method, especially when the soup is really hot. So this is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and fun fact: I learned that the way they get the soup into the dumpling is by putting some frozen broth into the middle of the dumpling then when they steam the dumpling it melts and warms up. Sort of genius, right?

rebecca said...

leaving that to the experts!

fun fact indeed. didn't know that!

amiechristo said...

I've never had soup dumplings, in all honesty, but they are something I think I would really enjoy!

I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award (link: I really enjoy reading your blog and was happy to include your blog on the list :)

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