new york city coffee map.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

coffee subway map

this map of where to get good coffee near every subway stop is spot on in my neighborhood. what about yours?

map via gothamist by butterfruit labs.


JSMA said...

Well....hmmm. Way up north I have a small beef with the choices. Beans and Vines, while nice- is never really open in the morning. They seem to focus more on the "Vines" time of day. And Darling is good coffee. But they are way closer to the train stop that has Beans and Vines and a good walk away from the stop on this map. But I know this is just for fun, I'm just glad the map went up this high, we never get included!

~ C said...

I loved Rex when I lived near Columbus Circle - now everyone will know about it!

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