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Thursday, February 20, 2014


don't let this photo fool you-- my desk is currently cluttered with insurance claims and notes that i can no longer decipher topped off with dried up coffee splotches. i'm working my way to the bottom of the heap in search of a clutter-free workspace, though i could still use some organizing as the credenza (just out of frame) is starting to pile up as well. which brings me to my point-- get yourself a scanner. saving important documents to your desktop (tax time!) keeps them out of sight and out of mind. just be sure to back up your stuff on an external drive before you shred them. done and done!


besides scanning your life away, this lifta desk organizer is such a simple way to free up valuable desk space. if you have a handyman in the family this would be pretty simple to make, no? i use the word simple very loosely.

lifta desk organizer

i've had my eye on this wooden office organizer as well-- simple and functional.

desk organizer

ps: a new office for ed.


Treasure Tromp said...

ooh I love that lifta desk organizer. I have that same computer and usually just tuck my keyboard and house on top of the base to keep things clutter-free.

Jesse said...

we are still searching for the perfect desk, sigh. bills and papers are every which way, it's making me bonkers!

Marie-Eve Couture said...

What a lovely space you have. Soak up all that vitamin D, it'll help you get through the clutter :)

A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh scanners–there's nothing better!

Erica said...

As always, your posts are so useful and timely. I mean, honestly, how come using a scanner never occurred to me? I only have a closet full of papers and junk that needs to be shredded and tossed. Also, your apartment looks beautiful.

Simoon M said...

I am trying, really trying to have clutter free desk, not easy! Yours looks great!

Little Miss Gift said...

Where did you get your chair? I love it!

rebecca said...

little miss gift-
thanks. it's a saarinen executive arm chair.

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