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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

best face and body scrubs

despite the snow slosh on the sidewalks, it will soon be time to bare a bit of skin. neglected-winter-lizard-skin, to be specific. in the spirit of such, here's a few favorite face and body scrubs to slough away the dead stuff from head to toe.

if you're using retinol on the regular, be sure to gently exfoliate 2-3 times per week to facilitate skin cell turnover.

1. fresh brown sugar body polish- just a quarter size amount works wonders on elbows, knees, feet, and hands. less is more as it makes the shower a bit slippery and greasy if you go overboard. i've been keeping it by the sink to smooth my cracked winter hands.

2. malin and goetz peppermint body scrub- a foaming gel scrub that's gentle enough to be used all over the body without irritation. bonus-- it smells delicious.

3. fresh sugar lip polish- same as the brown sugar body polish but gentle enough for lips. buffs away dry skin and leaves lips hydrated.

4. arcona golden grain gommage- i was introduced to arcona at my first facial and now i'm a devoted fan. i use this gentle face scrub a couple times a week along with a nightly retinol routine.

5. CND marine salt scrub for feet- a mix of sea salts and vitamin e to smooth dry spots and cracked heels.

6. clarins bright plus gentle brightening exfoliator- a cream based exfoliator to fight dullness with claims to protect against dark spots. i'm convinced that nothing over the counter really helps with dark spots unless you turn to the laser or chemical peels (yikes!). but i'll take any preventative measures i can get.

what are some of your favorites?

ps: night cream beauty tip and homemade toner.


Sarah Spitz said...

I love bodyscrub! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Here is what inspired me recently:

Love from Germany and a sunny day!


Livyb said...

Love these recommendations! I am curious about what moisturizer you use after the philosophy retinal product.

rebecca said...

thanks. i've been using josie maran spf 40 daily moisturizer, but it's now discontinued. of course!

joaninha said...

How is the smell of the malin and goetz peppermint body scrub? Is it really potent or is it light? I had a bliss peppermint body scrub once that I used but felt like fire every time I applied it onto my skin. I like mint smelling products but I'm always cautious about them. Is it a heavy smelling one?

joaninha said...

you should do a post about after you use body scrub, what kind of lotion you use. i never thought much of it till i switched to body butters during winter and a lighter body lotion during the summer. and i ask because well, i love learning about new potions and lotions myself. ;)

rebecca said...

not at all heavy (according to my sniffer).

Jennifurla said...

Lip Polish, I need this!

A Crimson Kiss said...

I've definitely gotten into body scrub this winter, and SF's not even chilly!

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