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Monday, April 7, 2014

molami bight earbuds

in a fit of rage after popping my apple earbuds back into my microscopic ear canal on an hourly basis, i sat down and scoured the internet for headphones with the small-eared in mind. more specifically, a discreet pair of earbuds that won't pop out of my ears mid-song. my workout routine mostly involves yoga/walking the city, so a wrap around earbud meant for runners isn't necessarily useful in this case. a microphone is also a necessity as i've become spoiled by taking phone calls without holding my phone to my ear.

molami bight earbuds

the molami bight earbuds rests securely in place thanks to its small construction and elegant leather knots, plus the logo-covered microphone means you can answer calls on the go.

have you tried these guys? with a price tag comparable to bose headphones, i have to wonder about the sound quality. any other small-eared recommendations?

photos via molami.


taylor. said...

I share your pain, I have teeny time ears and I've never been able to wear the apple earbuds. I got these headphones in white two Christmases ago. I use the XS ear bud attachment but they are still too big for my ears. I can wear them for about thirty minutes before they start hurting. I still use them because I love the way they look and I love the microphone, but I can't use them for a prolonged period of time.

rebecca said...

thanks for the heads up!

A Crimson Kiss said...

It's funny–it never occurred to me that the trouble or discomfort I experienced with earphones was anything but normal! Obviously I need to start hunting for the perfect pair–I'll let you know if I find one!

Rebeka said...

Ugh the Apple headphones are the worst. Even the new version I got with my iPhone 5s hurt my ears after about 15 minutes of usage. So frustrating.

Also, I'm glad you're alive, it's seemed quieter than usual around here. I missed your blogging.

megan said...

The Apple ones drove me bananas too - uncomfortable and never stayed in. For exercise, I've replaced them with yurbuds, which have a line designed specifically for women, and I am in love. They are so comfortable and they stay in my ear during exercise. They have a range of products - from high end to lower end - and are meant for athletes, but I highly recommend them for small ears. (I've also gotten compliments on them, which I find totally strange cause to me they just look like basic headphones... but whatever floats your boat).

Daina Ankrum said...

Hey! I have the same issue with Apple headphones. When I wore them during my month in Africa I actually got blisters from them hurting my ears! I love the Marley ear buds. They come with three sizes of rubber attachments to fit to your ears. I also think the sound is great. Here is a link to the four ear bud options: http://www.thehouseofmarley.com/headphones/in-ear-headphones.html

Hope you are having a great week!

rebecca said...

megan and daina-
awesome! thanks for the heads up.

Rebecca said...

Miss your daily blog posts.

Mariele said...

i have the bose ie sport headphones and they are the best. they come with a couple different sized covers for small ears, they stay put and sound great.

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