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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the daily muse

despite a few cold days, i think it's safe to say spring has sprung in my neck of the woods. i've been spending more time outside and less time doing anything internet/blog related. things in my life have taken a bit of a flip as of late (nothing wrong! all is good!) and instead of putting together a blog post once i reach home, i've been using the extra hours of daylight to take sam to the dog run and clear my mind.

spring in central park

a blog is many things to different people, none of them right or wrong in any certain way. my perception towards my own blog has changed as i've gotten older, and that's perfectly fine too. not to mention a recent milestone birthday that caused me to likely over think every damn detail of my life.

and now to change the subject-- hey, spring in central park!

the daily muse

i've checked off the usual spring chore list over the past few weeks-- heavy sweaters cleaned and tucked away, purging of the things, cleaning of the things. my friend erin has me wanting to tackle the shoe jumble situation too.

the daily muse

and a happy easter to you this weekend. starburst jellybeans for everyone!

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Linda said...

What a handsome fella!

And I've also been purging things as of late. It's so hard!

sophie said...

Happy to read you again! Yay Easter/cleaning out closets.

Astrid said...

Yes, you and your clean shots always make me happy. O Sam you are the King.

Hanna Lee said...

I agree, I think it's wonderful to take breaks from anything internet/blogging related esp now that it's spring after all :) And our blog should be for us & not trying to please everyone out there. I love the easygoing & cheerful vibes from these pics! Happy Easter soon!

marissa (stylebook) said...

happy birthday again, welcome to my decade (right?)! i feel ya on the bloggy stuff. xoxo

Lindsay said...

I hear ya, I just turned 35. Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up :)
Also, what kind of Nikes are those??!

rebecca said...

happy 35th! nike vintage from jcrew.

Rebeka said...

Sometimes it's important to go live life instead of worrying about documenting it on the internet. That being said, I'm always excited when your posts pop up in my feed. Also, that picture of you in the park is so cute. You look great! Happy spring!

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