spring in the west village.

Monday, May 19, 2014

west village nyc

ed and i got back into our warm weather routine this weekend with a long bike ride down the hudson waterfront. we always end up in the west village on our bikes because it's easy to hop back on the river bike path when it gets dark after dinner. not to mention the food options in the village don't disappoint. i had a craving for mermaid inn's fish tacos and since the upper west side location couldn't squeeze us in before 9pm, downtown we went.

west village nyc

mary's fish camp is another go-to for noteworthy seafood.

mary's fish camp
west village nyc
the daily muse
van leeuwen ice cream truck
west village nyc
west village nyc
west village townhouse
the daily muse
sevilla west village

a lovely monday to you!

ps: christmas in the west village and fish tacos in california.


Carrie said...

Oh I love New York! So beautiful.


Heather said...

amazing photos! i'd print those out and hang them on my walls :)

i love the west village. i'm still trying to convince my guy that yes, we should move down to the west village next year and no, it's not "too cutesy" for us. i'm working on it.

yours truly, melissa said...

love these photos! now i'm aching to return to your gorgeous city!!

Alexandra said...

Lovely photos, Becca!
Obviously, I love NYC and I think spring is the best season to see the city. Maybe autumn too. Ok, winter is pretty great as well. Not summer, though. Too humid, too many tourists. Anyway...
Your hair is gorgeous in that shot. Maybe it's the post-processing of the photo, but your hair color is amazing.
Lots of love from Montreal,
Alex @ telltaleblog

Rebeka said...

Ah this post makes me want to book a flight to NYC immediately. So lovely.

Quyen Nguyen said...

Love the stoops! Can't wait to get back to NYC. I will have to get an apartment instead of staying at a hotel next time!

Letícia said...

Your pictures of the city are always the best. I've lived in the city for almost two years and have been back to Brazil (my home country) for almost 5 years. It is incredible how much I miss the city. Your photos make me wanna go back for good everytime I look at them. NYC is one gorgeous city!

Sarah said...

Where is your cute purse from? I love it!

dervla kelly said...

eeek gotta walk around a bit more now that spring is here.

Barbie // Fringe & Feathers said...

Gorgeous captures! I love Sunday evening walks in the West Village. These prints should be in your shop!

Kathy said...

I second Sarah's comment on your cute purse. Where is it from? I love it, too!

rebecca said...

sarah and kathy-
thanks ladies. 'twas a very special birthday present from a bottega veneta sale.

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