strawberry pickin' in virginia.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

strawberry picking virginia

we kicked off summer over the long weekend by pickin' strawberries and grilling burgers on the rooftop. fresh strawberries go funky in a second so i've been happily inhaling them for every meal. this recipe is on the menu as well.

strawberry picking virginia

caught red-handed eating more than i picked. who doesn't?

hey, so you think you can dance this week! get on it. 

ps: strawberry pickin' last year too.


Ashely Schneider said...

Mind sharing where you went in VA? I live in Charlottesville and would love to pick some strawberries!

rebecca said...

newcastle bee and berry farm. :)

Amy Kitch said...

i can't wait for ontario strawberries to be ready! it'll be a while yet, it feels like the snow just melted in Toronto.

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