Monday, May 5, 2014

the daily muse

sunday is always a day for getting crap done, followed by eggs on toast. on a similar note, i finally joined quinciple and my grocery shopping excursions have been cut in half. highly recommend! 

the daily muse

saturday afternoon we dusted off our bikes and hit the park for a long ride and lunch at yura. i also admittedly had too much fun testing out cordless upright vacuum cleaners at bed bath and beyond. lest you think i'm a total loser, we sat adjacent to reese witherspoon at abc cocina for dinner. i went home afterwards and took the new vacuum for a test run, but hey, star sightings and such. 


A Crimson Kiss said...

Sounds like a truly perfect weekend, vacuums and all.

yours truly, melissa said...

Did you wave to her? Or at least tell her about your new vacuum?

rebecca said...

ha! i should have.

domestikated said...

Love the combo of Reese and vacuuming. Also the light in that photo of you and Mr Wiggins.

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