Monday, June 23, 2014


the majority of june has been spent working and staying outside until the last second of daylight. night walks for strawberry banana pinkberry are in full force. also meandering through the park with this guy, freshly shaved with a summer cut.

the daily muse
rooftops nyc

the view out our office window, just before a summer downpour.

midtown manhattan

cold brew coffee on the regular… 

cold brew coffee

and trips to smorgasburg for lunch and gigantic ice cream sandwiches.

the good batch ice cream sandwiches

 albeit a brief update, but hey, it's summer-- get off the internet and go outside!

 ps: speaking of summer cuts, a few tips on going short and growing it out.

(instagram @beccabaust)


A Crimson Kiss said...

A beautifully brief update. Glad to see things are looking so lovely in your part of the world.

Jana from Tea Time said...

So many beautiful pictures! Summer is simply awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

yours truly, melissa said...

You always capture your city so beautifully. Sounds like a great June to me!

Sharon said...

The view out of your office window is just lovely!

Rebeka said...

This is a lovely update. Your summer seems to be off to a great start already. I can't wait for the weather to get a bit nicer here in Seattle so I can spend more time outside. Hooray for summer!

erin said...

come to smorgasburg in BBP and get ice cream sandies with us! faye's been dying to meet you ;)

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