summer in paris.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

eiffel tower

i finished weeding through the rest of the photos from paris over the long weekend. i can't seem to form sentences to go along with any of it, but i figure it's best that way. paris is difficult to describe in words. this overwhelming sadness came over me when it was time to leave, and that same emotion crept up when describing how much we enjoyed our stay. not because vacation was over, but because i felt this very real connection to paris, as cliché and saccharine as it sounds. have you ever visited a place and felt like it just fits?

louvre museum

and with that, summer in paris….

jardin des tuileries
the marais, paris
love locks bridge
love locks bridge

l'as du fallafel in the marais did not disappoint (thanks marissa!).

l'as du fallafel paris
louvre museum
jardin des tuileries

patrick blanc's vertical garden.

patrick blanc's vertical garden, paris
seine river, paris
saint germain des pres
seine river, paris
jardin des tuileries
saint germain des pres
eiffel tower
saint germain des pres

a lot of great memories were made this summer (paris and otherwise) and i hope the same is true for you as well.


Danielle E. Alvarez said...

Beautiful shots. I love Paris in the summer... and fall, winter, and spring. Glad you two were able to enjoy it!

sumslay said...

I'm such a sucker for vacation pics. Beautiful photos! Also, you look so chic - we need some packing tips, bc those would not look as crisp if i'd packed them!

Mary Schaubert said...

You look so chic in all these photos! I think we need an autumn style post!

Gabriella H said...

You look like you fit right in!

A Crimson Kiss said...


Louise Hedberg said...

These photos are breathtaking. Giving justice to every piece. x


Lyss said...

Yes, I felt the same way about Paris and I was only there for three days. Three! I stopped on the street as my boyfriend and I were approaching our train out of the city and said, through tears, that I felt very, very strongly that I should not be leaving Paris. We were supposed to meet friends in Bruges but I desperately wanted to stay. I left on that train five years ago and I still feel heartbroken.

Rebeka said...

Ah Paris sounds like such a lovely place to vacation. I think I'll be visiting in the next year or so for the first time and I can't wait! :)

Daoud Snock said...

your pictures are gorgeous. I live in the Alps and I love it whenever I get the chance to go to the capital!
I usually don't use the métro, I prefer to stroll, as they say, Paris is a village.
As for the question, yes, New York City makes my heart skip a beat, every time!
I'm going next summer!! Can' t wait...

Alyssa Beseris said...

wow!! beautiful pictures! I almost feel like I went there myself, thanks for sharing (:

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