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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

nyc sunset
the daily muse

with the thick of winter in our grips, ed and i have been making a point to try a few new (to us) restaurants on the weekend. it's something small to look forward to and it gets me out of the house when i'd rather order in (again).

that being said, i listed out a few favorites (old and new) we've been frequenting.

1. ivan ramen-- the veggie ramen is more flavorful than the non-veggie ramen. this doesn't happen often.

2. egg shop- fried egg on a biscuit. get the biscuits!

3. blackseed bagels- their smaller, doughier, handmade bagels stand out against the rest.

4. meatball shop (upper west side)- the meatball shop came to the hood a while back and it's been a friday night favorite ever since.

5. celeste- easily the best pizza on the upper west side.

6. redfarm (upper west side)- i can't say enough good things about their farm to table chinese food.

7. marta- the gorgeous space at danny meyer's first and only pizza joint deserves all the rave reviews. though i admit i'm not a huge fan of cracker thin pizza crust.

8. abc cocina- the dishes are always flavorful, spicy, and filled with fresh ingredients. we recently celebrated ed's 30th birthday here.

thus ends the most random post with zero cohesiveness.

ps: more new york eats here and here.


oliviajamie said...

A comfort find a recent post from your neck of the woods. Always lovely. :)

dinaclabaugh said...

Becca, this is awesome. Thank you! My husband and I are visiting New York for the first time in April. I am going to bookmark many of your city favorites. Any recommendations on hotels?

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